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This would be the ultimate Need For Speed game if it were to actually be made.

Need For Speed has been a video game title that has been around for generations and has been partially responsible for growing the car community and inspiring new car enthusiasts to get into cars in the first place and of course teaching people the basics about cars, mods and racing.

First of all, let's talk about the Need For Speed game that completely took the gaming industry by storm. It was the Need For Speed game that took most of its inspiration from the first Fast and the Furious movie in 2001, which was Need For Speed Underground.

It was focused on the street racing scene and of course endless car modification possibilities.

The 2 Fast 2 Furious was released, and EA Games knew they had to refresh the original Underground, thus Need For Speed Underground 2 was released. This game proved to be one of the most successful games EA Games ever released and for good reason, there was one aspect that set it apart from the previous version regardless of the new types of races, car modifications and cars. It was the fact that this was the First modern Need For Speed game with open-world gameplay.

After Need For Speed Underground 2, EA Games went on a bit of a tangent and did something quite different. They changed the physics of the car handling, changed up the graphics, returned cops, the types of cars and even added daytime racing once again, this was Need For Speed Most Wanted. Again, a huge success, but there was a major problem with it still, they completely got rid of drift races which was a bad move.

Fast forward to 2022 and the current latest Need For Speed is Heat, and they came close with this one. But it still has major flaws. You have to pick a character to play which completely gets rid of the realism as if you were the driver. The modifications, on the other hand, are second to none.

But where did they go wrong? Back in 2015, there was a Need For Speed released that didn't get as much attraction as it deserved, that was simply titled Need For Speed and was essentially a modern-day Underground, but even though the storyline was very cinematic, it seemed as if it was too focussed on it.

What Need For Speed Should do is go back to basics and have the game focussed solely around 2 aspects: Racing and modifications, and on top of that, not focus on generating bank to get mods, but rather go back to the "unlocking" which gives a massive sense of accomplishment. If they could find a way to do that without giving it too much of an "arcade" feel, they would be on to something big.

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