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McLaren Automotive is an amazing brand, it’s but a puppy in the world of supercars and hypercars, having only launched twelve years ago. In that relatively short time the manufacturer has cemented itself as one of the best car builders in the world with arguably some of the best tech and processes in the industry. The automaker is based in Woking, Surrey in England, and their high-tech facility doesn’t have a regular production line, it features a variety of stations that are manned by people instead of robots and so every McLaren you see is hand-built. This helps with quality, and also accountability because any mistakes are easily traced, although at this level mistakes are rare. The factory can produce up to 20 cars a day, but in the case of the iconic 12C, production numbers hover around eight a day. The cars are produced in cycles, so you won’t find a certain model in constant production. The range of McLaren cars is split into GT, Supercar, Motorsport and Ultimate models and these are now retailed via more than 85 showrooms in more than 32 markets across the globe. McLaren Automotive is able to do this thanks to partnerships with world-leading companies that provide specialist expertise, technology and solutions including AkzoNobel, Ashurst, Dell Technologies, Pirelli, Richard Mille and Tumi.

This video gives an awesome insight into the production process of the McLaren 12C, one of the iconic cars in the automaker’s lineup. The crew from FRAME do an amazing job filming the different sections of the production process, it’s no wonder they do videos like this as a specialty. When you watch the video you’ll also notice that they include captions to explain what you’re seeing along with facts and figures relating to the different production sections that are filmed. We’ve seen car assembly videos before, and the facilities are always super clean and neat, in the case of the McLaren factory it’s so clean you could literally eat off the floor thanks to the hospital-like setup. While the cars are basically hand made, there are of course serious machines in operation to manufacture things like the monocoque chassis and slime components, but from there the car is put together with human hands. The process is strictly controlled, but even so there are some places that could do with a bit more attention, we know this thanks to watching Tavarish rebuild a wrecked McLaren, he highlighted a few places that could be done better on the car, parts that are hidden from sight. 

Take a look at the YouTube video that shows the manufacturing process of the McLaren 12C Spider at the company's production plant in Woking, England thanks to the amazing crew from FRAME: How they Build the Most Expensive Mclaren Supercar - Inside Production Line Factory | Frame

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