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We like the diminutive Fiat Abarth 500, it’s a firecracker of a car that has all the right bits and pieces to make it not only look like a race-inspired streetcar, but it also has that turbocharged 1400cc 4-cylinder powerplant that’s rated to produce 120 kW with a decent 230 Nm of torque and with it tipping the scales at just 1 142 kg it makes for a car that’s chuckable and fun. In keeping up with the times, the Abarth side of Fiat have just released their all-electric version that’s been named the Abarth 500e. The tagline from the firm’s marketing department reads “more Abarth than EVer” and it makes perfect sense to us. The “Scorpionissima” launch edition is the first electric Abarth ever. In electric guise the little Abarth 500e is responsive and quick, and that means fun. Under the skin there’s a powerful 42 kWh battery coupled with a powerful e-motor that’s rated at 113.7 kW (155 hp) and has the equivalent of 235 Nm of torque available. This is enough to see the little car hit the benchmark 100 km/h mark in 7-seconds flat.

“Today we are celebrating a milestone in Abarth’s history: we are simultaneously presenting the first electric Abarth in Europe, based on the New 500e, and also launching the brand in Brazil with the introduction of the New Abarth Pulse. The New Abarth 500e is one of the most exciting launches in the history of the brand: a great new addition to the Abarth line-up. I like to think of it as family, so our fanbase will be involved in every step of our electrification journey.” comments Olivier Francois, FIAT & Abarth Chief Executive Officer and Global Chief Marketing Officer of Stellantis. “You may ask ‘why electric?’. Well, basically, performance made us do it: in fact, every change made in the Abarth is about getting the best driving performance. That’s exactly how our founder, Carlo Abarth, always went at it. So, from that point of view, let’s say that nothing has changed: better acceleration, better handling, more fun. And then there’s Abarth’s legendary signature: its sound. All that will be feeding our gear shift to a more global presence: the New Abarth Pulse in Brazil is phase 1, then we’ll see phase 2 when the New Abarth 500e reaches markets beyond Europe, including Japan and Brazil. Put all that together and you get what we call more Abarth than ever!” he continued.

Abarth is synonymous with performance and so the little EV feature three drive modes that optimise the power delivery and driving dynamics for different driving scenarios. The car can be driven in Turismo, Scorpion Street or Scorpion Track mode. Turismo mode allows for smoother acceleration and lower power for an efficient driving experience, while Scorpion Street mode affords the car maximum while also maximising the regenerative braking side of the EV setup - as the car decelerates every time you lift your foot, it recovers kinetic energy that’s converted into electricity to recharge the battery. Scorpion Track mode sees everything tuned for the best performance possible from the Abarth 500e, it makes the car exciting and fun to chuck around and maxes out everything, but this will affect battery life. Luckily the 85-kW fast-charging system sees the EV fill up to at least 80% of the claimed range in just 35 minutes. That’s faster than my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

Take a look at the YouTube video that shows us all about the all-new Fiat Abarth 500e, the electrified version if the little Italian firecracker of a hatchback: MORE ABARTH THAN EVER | Abarth

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