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It looks a lot like 2022 has been the busiest year for the crew at Hoonigan Racing, we’ve seen a bunch of amazing cars revealed that they had a hand in or are linked to in some way. There’s that completely nuts fully-electric Audi S1 Hoonitron that was developed for boss man Ken Block to use while greeting some brilliantly filmed action videos in his new Electrikhana. Then there was that reimagined Subaru GL wagon that has to be one of the best Subaru builds on the planet. This one was made for a recent Hoonigan recruit Travis Pastrana to play with as he continues Ken’s legacy in the upcoming instalments of the famed Gymkhana series of action driving videos that will keep the fans of internal combustion engines happy until the dead dinosaur soup is outlawed. There have also been some cool builds for the crew too. Another mad build was showcased on the Hoonigan YouTube channel, and it was completed with just hours to spare to make it into the dedicated show area at this year’s SEMA 2022 show. The project started after the Hoonigan crew got their hands on a 2017 Honda Ridgeline truck that was donated by the Honda Performance Development team in a sort of “lets see what you can do with this” kind of deal.

The Ridgeline was stripped down and plans were set in motion to transform it into a typical Hoonigan build that would create an online stir, and when it received the name IndyTruck, it sort of gave an idea of where the build was headed. These trucks are in a regular truck format with an engine up front, a cab and a load bed, but the Hoonigan plans changed this a bit. The engine up front was binned. The cabin section was retained because that’s where a driver and passenger need to sit, but it  was turned into a race-style cocoon complete with all the relevant safety gear, trimmings and tech. The load bed was also chucked and after a major rework of the chassis to house the engine in the mid to rear section and it was left open so that the engine and all its custom components could be shown off. The engine chosen for the build is where the truck’s name is derived from because it just happens to be sourced from an 2022 IndyCar. It’s an all-aluminium 2.2-litre,  high-revving twin-turbocharged V6 that’s rated to produce anything from 700 hp to 900 hp, depending on the tune and setup. The end result is completely mad, the IndyTruck has the looks, the power, and the 'Whooooooa!" factor. Now that we've been treated to the car and many of it's details, we're eagerly awaiting the new videos that will hopefully show what the whole package is like when it's thrashed around in anger.

Take a look at the YouTube video that shows the Hoonigan Racing crew working their asses off trying to get this insane project car ready for showing at SEMA 2022, as well as the finished product that made it to the show: The Honda IndyTruck Made it to #SEMA2022! | Hoonigan

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