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Building your own racecar is something special, but it takes skills, knowledge, planning and money - lots and lots of money. This is especially true if you’re planning on being competitive in whatever class or series you’re keen on racing in. There are other alternatives though, like buying a purpose-built racecar that’s been built in a factory by your favourite automaker. Not all do this but there are also smaller bespoke companies that build racecars based on popular models on behalf of the actual automaker. Again, usually silly money. If you have proper F-You money, there’s an option like this where you can buy a race-ready car that conforms to modern safety standards and can be raced in all manner of classes, especially the world famous GT classes that we see in Europe and the like. Mercedes-AMG is one of the leaders in this class, being able to draw on their extensive motorsport experience as well as being able to use trickle-down technology from their Formula 1 exploits. These cars are often bought by privateer race teams or individuals and thanks to class rules it can see them being as competitive and reliable as the self same cars owned and run by Mercedes-AMG themselves.

For the approaching 2023 race season, Mercedes-AMG has just  revealed the factory-built available for competition in the GT2 to go along with the options already available for GT3 and GT4 classes. This new Mercedes-AMG GT2 is the most powerful homologated race car in the 12-year history of the customer sport programme. The GT2 offers the usual extremely high safety level of AMG race cars and comes with many new racing technologies. They say this GT2 version stands out as an attractive overall package for ambitious amateur drivers in particular and should see the company take the lead in international GT2 competition. The Mercedes-AMG GT2 is a beast, its features the Mercedes-AMG-tuned twin-turbocharged 4.0-litre V8 that churns out a very healthy 520 Kw of power with an accompanying 800 Nm. This powerplant is mated to a sequential 6-speed transmission for lightning fast and precise shifts. Much attention has also been paid to the aero. And that’s why this Mercedes-AMG GT2 is quite possibly one of the coolest-looking cars ever built. It’s how we’d like our perfect Mercedes-AMG GT Black streetcar to look too, but we’re weird like that here at SXdrv.

“The Mercedes-AMG GT2 is yet another milestone in our Customer Racing programme. Thus, we emphasise once more our commitment to GT racing and further expand our involvement by entering a new segment in GT racing. The GT3 segment having become more and more professional and GT4 having become established as an entry-level category, we open up new opportunities with the Mercedes-AMG GT2. As a result, we address an extended range of customers and therefore offer the high quality and the comprehensive support of our Customer Racing programme to interested parties in the GT2 segment as well. The race series for this category of vehicles have seen significant increase of reach and relevance in the past two years. In this dynamically growing market, we come up with the Mercedes-AMG GT2 as a highly attractive package and once again prove the performance potential of our brand.”

Christoph Sagemüller, Head of Mercedes-AMG Motorsport

“The Mercedes-AMG GT2 incorporates our entire experience we have acquired over the past years in our successful Customer Racing activities. Next to proven GT3 and GT4 features, however, we have also integrated entirely new racing technologies, specially developed for the GT2. The result is the most powerful homologated race car we have built to date. The Mercedes-AMG GT2 is entering a new range of speed. Moreover, we have achieved that gentlemen drivers who don’t race every weekend can control this enormous power in a commanding and safe way all the time. I am really happy that we can now offer a top-notch product along with our maximum support activities for the customer teams in this burgeoning segment as well.” Stefan Wendl, Head of Mercedes-AMG Customer Racing

We're unlikely to see these in SA, while there are plenty chaps with the budget, we just don't see it happening. We do hope to see at least one visit the country when we have those massive international race events like we attended at Kyalami Racetrack a couple of years back when Berndt Schneider drove one - and gave this SXdrv writer a very fast four laps riding shotgun.

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