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The Koenigsegg Jesko is a marvel of modern technology, it’s not only an amazing-looking car, it’s also one of the most powerful and is ridiculously expensive. The car is powered by the same twin-turbocharged 5.0-litre V8 that’s rated to produce a whopping 1 600 hp with a mad 1 500 Nm of torque when run on plant-friendly E85 fuel, and 1 280 hp on regular petrol. This mad creation is capable of hitting 100 km/h in around 2.5-seconds with a top speed near the 300 mph mark. The biggest downside to this beast of a car is that if you want one and you’re a mere mortal doing the normal daily grind, the chances of owning one range from small to non-existent. The car comes with a $3 000 000 price tag, or around R52 000 000 in local money at today’s exchange rate if you directly convert the amount and don’t include shipping and taxes. Luckily there’s a solution for those with a bank account balance that doesn’t resemble an international phone number.

The chaps at Lego have a Koenigsegg Jesko as part of the company’s Speed Champions Series. Under this banner the iconic building block kits include some pretty cool models like the Dodge Charger from Fast & Furious, an Aston Martin DB5, a 1970 Ferrari 512 M, a Lotus Evija, a Lamborghini Countach, a Mercedes-AMG F1 W12 E and the Mercedes-AMG Project One, an Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Pro and a Aston Martin Vantage GT3 among others. The Jesko is a 280-piece kit that shouldn’t take too long to build but will still give you a nice and relaxing session by yourself, unless you’re building it with your kid then it can double as an awesome bonding session. The best part is that  the Lego website now has this Koenigsegg Jesko kit listed for retail at under R400. That means there’s an opportunity for thousands of people to own their very own Jesko without requiring a salary equal to a small country’s GDP. That’s a win in our books.

Take a look at the YouTube video from avid Lego aficionado Juan Marin where he helps future Lego Koenigsegg Jesko owners get their cars up and running without having to use the instructions supplied in the box, because it's always better when you can follow instructions on a YouTube vide to get yourself YouTube Lego Builder Certified   : Lego 76900 Koenigsegg Jesko Door TUTORIAL || FULL MOD TUTORIAL | Juan Marin

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