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If you’ve ever searched for motoring content on just about any social media platform you’ll no doubt have heard the name Hagerty and seen some great motoring-related content from the company. In fact, if you don’t follow their socials, now is a great time to start. So why is Hagerty posting motoring content? Well it’s because Hagerty is an insurance provider that specialises in classic vehicles, and because of this the analysts who crunch the number and keep an eye on the market are able to give predictions on what cars will rise in value and what the buying trends of classic and collectible cars should be in the short term that will be an appreciating asset for car collectors both old and new. Thanks to being the largest specialised insurance company in the world and having reach throughout America, Canada, Germany and the United Kingdom it means when the company gives out its predictions, it’s usually a pretty good idea to listen. Current owners of the cars on the latest list of things to look out for can get an idea of what they should be selling their cars as without having to entertain laughable lowball offers, and from the other point of view those who collect or are planning to start a collection can gauge whether they’re paying a market-related price instead of getting ripped off. This year’s annual Bull Market list sees the company point out ten rather varied cars (and one bike) to keep an eye on in 2023.

This year’s list spans quite an eclectic collection of cars, the list is made up of a 2001–2010 Lamborghini Murciélago ($302,700–$342,700), the 2001–2004 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 ($31,400–$39,300), the 2003–2008 Nissan 350Z ($37,500–$44,900), the 1985–1993 Saab 900 Turbo ($22,200–$25,800),the 1992–2006 AM General Hummer H1 ($105,000–$127,300), the 1991–1998 Suzuki Cappuccino ($12,200–$16,700), the ‘Back to the Future’ 1984–1988 Toyota Pickup 4x4 ($20,700–$26,700), the 2004–2010 Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren ($329,300–$380,700), the 1968–1970 AMC AMX ($30,500–$40,600), the manual version of the 2008–2015 Audi R8 ($154,000–$186,700), and for the two-wheeler it’s the 1936–1947 Harley-Davidson Knucklehead ($90,300–$115,000). If you have one of these and are looking to buy or sell at some point, this might be the information you’ve been waiting for. Well known automotive personalities Jason Cammisa and Randy Pobst present this rather interesting list.

Take a look at the YouTube video presented by Jason Cammisa and Randy Pobst that informs collectors and possible collectors on what cars to keep on your radar in 2023. They can make a great addition to an existing collection or make for a great first car to start a collection: Inflation Beaters: Cars to Invest in — Jason Cammisa presents the 2023 Hagerty Bull Market | Hagerty

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