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As we’ve said before, the Mercedes-AMG C 63 is a car that included one amazing feature that wasn’t included in the sales brochures or advertising of the car - a thunderous V8 roar. From inception in 2008 right through to the middle of 2018, the car was powered by a normally-aspirated V8 lump with over 350 Kw on tap. The sound was so recognizable that automotive fanatics could identify an approaching C 63 from miles away. In 2019 when the engine needed a re-work to conform to emissions the capacity was dropped to 4.0-litres, but the power was still on par thanks to a pair of turbochargers. The latest incarnation sees the capacity dropped again to just 2.0-litres but an electric motor was added to the mix. Even though it’s the most powerful factory-built 2.0 to date as well as being the most powerful C 63 yet, the car is close to silent. This was enough to have AMG fans up in arms and complaining about how EV assist is bad. The thing is, the complaining was based on the soundtrack alone. What was needed to help the new hybrid recipe make sense is a real-world test of the car to see exactly what the car is actually capable of.

With Mat Watson from Carwow on the case, we knew that all the questions about the car would be answered. This is the most in-depth review of the car so far, Mat checks out every detail and shows the features and the new tech that’s been crammed into the car. As you should know by now that Mat gets to drive every new car that hits the market and so he’s quite clued up on how the onboard systems work, and even with an AMG representative taking him through the menus, he’s as confused as we are. The best thing we saw was the onboard drive modes, especially the one that has most of the world’s popular race tracks in the system. The electronics are so jacked that you can optimise the setup for the specific track you’re on to squeeze the best out of the hybrid powertrain and all-wheel steering. We won’t spoil the video for you, but we have to point out that this new Mercedes-AMG C 63 S E Performance looks to be quicker than the factory claims, and that’s brilliant. With street tyres this big saloon hits 60 mph in just 3.03-seconds and can manage a quarter mile timed at 11.21-seconds. Yuthuth. An future owner who’s used to the car may even get that time lower with practice. 

Take a look at the YouTube video that aims to test if the all-new Mercedes-AMG C63 hybrid is good enough to be labelled a performance car or if the recipe has changed too much, ruining the end result: Mercedes-AMG C63 review: Has Mercedes ruined it?! | carwow

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