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Donkervoort is a Dutch automaker that was founded back in 1978 by Joop Donkervoort and the company has remained in family hands for its entire almost 45-year existence. This is evident in the names for some of the cars produced; The D in the D10 model lineup comes from Managing Director Denis Donkervoort’s first initial, the A in the Donkervoort S8A and S8AT comes from founder Joop’s daughter, Amber Donkervoort, and the F in this latest Dutch supercar’s name is a nod to Filippa Donkervoort who is Denis’s daughter. With her still being a baby and weighing next to nothing as babies do, it makes sense then that this F22 is a lightweight creation. This all-new Donkervoort F22 tips the scales at just 750kg and with 373 kW on tap it makes for hypercar performance combined with razor sharp handling, powerful braking and such amazing high speed cornering that it puts up a face-peeling 2.15G of lateral acceleration. This all-new creation designed in-house by a design team led by Jordi Wiersma and mentored by world-leading designer Amko Leenarts is not only fast, it has the looks to match. 

“The F22 is the pinnacle of what we know with light-weight engineering, strength, combustion engines and pure speed. The F22 gives Donkervoort drivers new levels of speed, handling, driving purity, design and practicality, and shows the world where Donkervoort is going in the future. It is brimming with Donkervoort innovations, like the Ex-Core carbon-fibre doors and the Twin Targa roof, but it also is the product of extraordinary teamwork at Donkervoort and leverages working relationships we have made over 43 years. With the arrival of the Donkervoort F22, no other supercar is worth its weight.” comments Denis. That weight affords the car a power to weight ratio of 666 hp per ton, which is pretty wicked. See what I did there? The car can get to 100km/h in just 2.5-seconds, and a 0-200km/h dash comes up in just 7.5-seconds and if the speed limiter is removed it can top out at around 290 km/h.

The Donkervoort F22 was originally confirmed at 50 units, and for the first time in the company's history all 50 units were sold out based only on the initial design sketches, and so based on that another 25 units have been added to the production run. The F22 retails for €245 000 in European markets, but it's not likely we'll ever see one here in SA.

Take a look at the YouTube video that shows off the amazing new car from Dutch automaker Donkervoort during the recent launch event that was used to introduce the car to the worldwide motoring media: The lightest supercar in the world // Donkervoort F22 - Launch Event | Donkervoort

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