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You get the feared, infamous Spitting Cobra and then you get this, The Backdraft Roadster. No it doesn't spit, but with it's 4.0L V8 powerplant under the hood, it's definitely got some bite

The Backdraft Roadster wears a familiar face, instantly recognisable from the car it was reimagined from, the epic AC Cobra from the 1960s, but with lots of modern advancements and improvements.

Backdraft Racing was founded in January of 2002 under the name TR-Tec. Their vision was to manufacture hand built niche automobiles. The Backdraft Roadsters have evolved considerably over the past few years and they've been established internationally as one of the industry leaders in producing turnkey minus cars. The development of the Mark I Roadster started in December 2000. The first examples of the Mark I car were shown to the public in October of 2001 and the cars have seen great success and advancements since then.

This beauty we're checking out today was finished in a brilliant silver paintjob, with two thick black centre stripes, with outer red accents, contrasting really nicely against the silver. "00" Race decals were also applied to the front hood, rear and sides of the car, giving the car more of a race-car look and of course not forgetting the two large Backdraft stickers on the front fenders. Chrome is used tastefully all over the car lending to the timeless look a Cobra will always have, with the best two features being the rollcage behind the two seats and those meaty side exit exhausts that is so distinctive on all Cobras. The wheels are timeless knock-on items seen on most Backdraft cars, with the Backdraft Racing logo engraved into the centre tri-spoke centre caps.

These Backdraft Roadsters comes with a range of powerplants to use from, with this specific one making use of the trusty, reliable and powerful Lexus 1UZ-FE 4.0L V8 engine, a very popular transplant for many guys. Backdraft fits their own upgraded and improved intakes to these engines, to extract the maximum power possible. These cars are also built to handle and stop very well and they all get fitted with fully independent and adjustable suspension, along with upgraded brakes.

The interior layout on these cars are built to be comfortable and simple, allowing the driver to focusing on having the ulitmate driving experience, with no stupid distractions. A wooden steering wheel is complimented but only the neccesary analog gauges and a few fighter-style switches, while black bucket seats keeps the occupants firmly in place. Everything you'd ever need is there, but nothing that you don't; perfect really!

When you want a car that attracts attention, sounds epic and drives like a proper car and not some modern, plastic A to B people mover, a Backdraft Roadster is the car for you. Just don't take it out on a rainy day...


Car Specs

Model: Backdraft Roadster
Exterior: Silver paintjob, Black twin stripes with red outer accents, Backdraft fender stickers, "00" race numbers, side exit exhausts
Wheels: Gunmetal knock-on wheels
Builder: Backdraft Racing
Tuning Shop: The Snake Pit





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