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Date: 2017-09-08

You may think that your provides safety, comfort, luxury and pure awesomeness – but if you're not adding even more style and comfort tech to your car, you're failing as a driver.

These new 2017 car accessories are all available on Amazon and they are a must-have if you want to give your car ultimate comfort, safety, technological cred and style.

The technical car accessories in this video include:

Anti-Sleep Alarm: this is a gadget you wear on your fingers as your hands are on the steering wheel that warns you of poor concentration and fatigue so you can take a break and have a safer drive!

Belkin AirCast: This gadget involves a 'call play' button that allows you to start your music and control it throughout your drive with a quick installation and just a click of a button. This makes it easier and safer to control and enjoy music on your drive.

FOBO Tire: this tech accessory connects to your smartphone through an app that alerts you if your tires are losing pressure if it is dangerous to continue driving, as well as keeping you informed about all tire control details.

Papago 30G: this is essentially a gadget that provides you with all the necessary warnings about what is happening in your immediate surroundings while you drive.

Schatzii Air Purifier: As the name suggests, this accessory purifies the air in your car.

Watch the video to learn more about these gadgets so you can keep your car up to date, safe and comfortable!

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