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Yes, you read that correctly – An 800hp, 1000kg, full carbon fibre Mitsubishi Evo – and it'll blow your mind.

The guys from Street FX Motorsport TV shared a pit area with the chaps from the GT Auto Garage at the Adelaide Motorsport Festival. This is where they spotted the Mitsubishi in question.

Mark has this to say: "Aside from the fact it was made nearly entirely from carbon fibre, with around 800hp and weighing only 1000kg, it was one of the fastest sedans on the track.

"Owner, Mick Sigsworth, tells us that incredibly this vehicle started life as a regular road car, bought off the showroom floor back in 2007. As you can see, it's far from that now!

"The car has completely been rebuilt from the ground up, featuring exposed carbon fibre everywhere you look."

Have a gander at the video below to find out more about this incredible machine, from its crazy aero to its double A-arm suspension front and rear, near perfect weight distribution (both front and rear and side-to-side), as well as some incredible custom work on fuel cooling and more.

They even used a different approach to the carbon fibre manufacturing method.

Hit play and be amazed!

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