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One of the rarest, priciest cars in the world just crashed on the Nürburgring while testing in preparation for a lap record attempt. The $3.1 million, 1,341 hp, one-of-seven Koenigsegg Agera One:1 locked up its wheels and crashed into a barrier. Its skidmarks suggest a failure occurred under braking. 

The One:1 sped off track and ate the wall at the Adenauer Forst section of the Nürburgring Nordschleife during an industry pool session this afternoon. MotorAuthority’s eyewitness describes the crash as thus: 

"According to our photographer, the driver came into the section with too much speed, slammed on the brakes and then slid off the track. The car eventually crashed through a barrier and into an embankment."

In this video of the aftermath, you can see a perfect set of straight, uninterrupted elevenses that the incident left starting at the top of the Foxhole on the track. Of course, cars that have functioning anti-lock brake systems (as the One:1 should) don’t leave long skids like that under braking.


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