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Date: 2017-11-23
Automotive, Cars, Thorium fueled, Thorium,SXdrv,

Automotive, Cars, Thorium fueled, Thorium,SXdrv,

Automotive, Cars, Thorium fueled, Thorium,SXdrv,

It sounds a bit extreme, but having to never fill your car with gas again sounds goooood! 
By simply replacing your engine with a system that runs on thorium – one of the densest materials known to man – you'll only need to refuel once a century. OK, it is not that simple at all, but the part about only needing a fill every hundred years is legit.

Connecticut's Laser Power Systems has a thorium-powered auto propulsion method in the works. Due to the mineral's density, it can produce a lot of heat, which, with the help of a laser, can turn water to steam and power a mini turbine.
According to the company's CEO, 1 gram of thorium can provide more energy than approximately 74 hundred gallons of gas. Prototypes are weighing in at around 500 pounds, making them viable for use in conventional automobiles.

Some of the advantages to switching from fossil fuel to thorium are that it is plentiful – there is basically as much of it on Earth as there is lead – and it is safe!
Other than perfecting the system, a big hurdle that needs to be determined is how to best mine it, as there has never been a demand for thorium before.

In the meantime, you can learn more about the thorium-fueled car by watching the video below:

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