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Every vehicle manufacturer with a performance division worth its salt produces some sort of track-based race car for the road. The undisputed king of track-day fun – and the one whom almost every competitor uses as their benchmark – is the Porsche 911. And in this particular case, the Porsche GT3 RS.

It's been like this for years really, with very few serious contenders to the title.  Yes, some have put up a really good fight; some are more powerful or faster or pretty to look at. Some are riotous when sideways on the track but unrefined and harsh to live with every day. Some are supple and smooth but lack engagement and soul. So far, it seems, nobody has nailed the combination of all this and more quite like Porsche.

And so, with that said, a chap we hold in high regard called Chris Harris – not sure if you've heard of him, he works on a show called Top Gear, nope? Just kidding... of course you do! – well, he's taken Porsche's 911 GT3 RS and two challengers in the form of Mercedes-AMG's GT R and BMW's M4 GTS to a very wet Top Gear track for a bit of a shootout.

As Harris states, "The new AMG GTR from Mercedes is the most serious challenger we've seen for years. And the BMW M4 GTS looks, on paper, like it could give the Porsche a headache too."

So, what happens next? Well, as the weather gets progressively worse, Harris gives us his thoughts as he manhandles each vehicle through the track. Massive powerslides, plumes of smoke and chunks of rubber compliment his informative and honest commentary. It's a joy to watch.

Is there a new king, or does Porsche retain the title? You'll have to watch the video below to find out!

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