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We have had our ear chewed off by the whole "autonomous car" rage and while it will no doubt make a big difference, Nissan has decided to go the opposite direction and put the control back into the driver's hands... or brain.

Now, your Nissan can literally read your mind and use the brain signals to predict the driver's desired movement, and then assist in these movements. In defiance to the fashon police, the driver is required to wear something that looks like a colourful shower cap with a whole lot of wires attached to it. Aside from the strange-looking cap, the driver won't actually notice what the system is doing. It will use the driver's brainwaves to assess the driver's next move, such as turning a corner and assist the driver in their reaction time. The system will detect the brain waves transmitted in relation to the actions performed and, if the system incorrectly predicts the movement based on the brain waves, it corrects itself and saves the updated information. It will also switch the car's driving style when it is in automatic mode and even create an augmented reality inside the car.

Nissan has named it "Brain–to–Vehical technology" and claims that, unlike autonomous driving, it relies on the driver's complete control which is merely enhanced by the vehicle. Nissan's innovation researcher, Lucian Gheorghe, claims that the car aims to introduce drivers into a world where connectivity will become a part of everyday life.

This is next level autonomous driving, watch the video below and let us have your thoughts.

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