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Date: 2018-01-09

Video: The Hoonigans Kill Ken Block

Video: The Hoonigans Kill Ken Block

Video: The Hoonigans Kill Ken Block

Video: The Hoonigans Kill Ken Block

Does it come as a surprise that Ken Block's wife is also getting into stage rallying? We guess when you're not exactly a traditional family, you don't exactly to traditional things.

Considering a Ford Fiesta R2 rally car isn't practical for the daily commute, Ken's wife decided she wanted a Ford Bronco. Picking out everything from the year to the colour, the styling and, courtesy of some of Ken's sponsors, accessories, wheels and the engine.

Speaking of which, out went the original and in went a 5-litre Coyote motor from Ford, pushing out 420hp, with a heavy rumble that sounds terrific. Although, it sounds like it just does what it wants, with a jittery gearbox and vague steering you just never know what it's going to do next.

There's a plethora of other cool stuff, from a custom transfer case to a limited edition steering wheel, Recaro bucket seats and everything in between.

Which then brings us to Hert, one of Hoonigan's great characters. Somehow he finds himself behind the wheel, joking about breaking it, and then breaking it. One (not so) quick fix to the busted brake line and then... boom! Breaks it again!

In Block's wise words; "I'm just glad it wasn't me...".

Boy, these guys look like they have a blast. To see what happens then check out the video below.

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