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According to the BBC, a Ferrari Enzo worth more than $1 million was once abandoned in a Dubai airport parking lot. And it's not alone. There are literally tons of sports and supercars abandoned at airports and parking lots all over the UAE.

Now, if that intro doesn't grab your attention and make you a little sad inside, then you have no soul. It's also an indicator that there is something crazy going on in the UAE. Crazy might be the wrong word though because the answer to all these abandoned vehicles is actually quite simple, Sharia law.

Basically, many Arab countries observe Sharia law and, under the law, it's a criminal offence to not pay your debts. If you fall behind on repayments, from your vehicle finance to credit card payments to your mortgage, you will be sent to prison.

Yup, prison. Which isn't a particularly nice place to be. So, instead of facing the long arm of Sharia law, most owners simply flee the country leaving their possessions behind.

Eventually, if a vehicle is suspected of being abandoned, the police issue a notice to the owner to remove it and, if it's still there after 15 days, it gets impounded. What's frightening though is that, on average, police in Dubai recover around 3,000 abandoned luxury cars every year.

We're not sure what happens to them after that but they probably get compacted into squares of scrap metal. And that, friends, is really sad.

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