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Most Maserati V8s end up in the same place, under the hood of a Maserati (or an Alfa Romeo 8C). But that is certainly not where this Italian eight-cylinder has found a home. 

French motorcycle customizer and engineering mad man Ludovic Lazareth has built an entire quad bike around a 4.7-liter Maserati V8, and the end result is what he calls the Lazareth LM 847.

It’s a properly wild custom, which debuted at this month’s Geneva Motor Show, and if you want one you’re in luck. French magazine MX2K reports Lazareth will build three, however each will cost a fairly large €200,000 (or $219,000).

So what do you get for that pile of money? Frankly, quite a lot of power. The Maserati engine provides the 882 pound quad bike with 470 horsepower and 457 lb.-ft. of torque, which is put to the ground through a single-speed chain drive transmission. That considered, its top speed isn’t earth shattering—noted to be around 93 mph—however its acceleration is said to be brutally quick.

Thankfully it can also maneuver and stop too, in a hurry. The dual front and rear wheels allow for a surefooted lean angle of 30-degrees while massive 16.5-inch disc brakes are chomped by eight-piston calipers in front and 10-inch discs are outfitted with four-piston Brembo units in the rear. Performance figures aside, it’s hard not to look at the contraption and just marvel. The engine’s air intake aims straight at the front fairing, there’s a sizable radiator housed right behind the front wheels, and to ride the beast you’ll have to “Superman” the V8’s intake manifold. It also looks like something out of a Batman movie.

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