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Some cars are created for the sole purpose of getting the general public from A to B. But, sometimes, manufacturers surprise us with rad versions of these vehicles. Here's a list of 11 of them.

All of us would love to own a supercar or have a wild 4x4 in our garage that drops jaws as we drive by. The unfortunate reality for many of us is that, due to circumstance, end up purchasing a reliable runabout that's fuel-efficient and has enough space for the spouse and kids.

Although this decision may be soul-destroying but responsible, every now and again, a manufacturer will drop a limited edition version of one of their most boring cars that is utterly electric.

Take the 260hp Chevy Cobalt SS for instance. The standard car was cool, but not that cool until they dropped a supercharger under the hood. While that may have been a performance-orientated upgrade, which they did to the Trailblazer too, other manufacturers chose a different path. Volkswagen, for instance, gave us the VW Golf Country. This was a Golf V2 on stilts, sold to the public as having the ability to take on 'medium level' offroad challenges.

It had a full bullbar with spotlights attached to the front, long-travel suspension and a tailgate-mounted spare wheel. It even had skid-plates and VW's Syncro four-wheel-drive system. Talk about giving the Golf and exciting upgrade.

Another manufacturer who chose performance for their city car was Fiat and their Abarth 500, and VW gave us the 'new' Beetle RSi with the 3.2-litre VR6 powerplant squeezed into the engine bay. Even Saturn dropped a V6 V-Tec into their SUV and, in the 80s, Dodge gave us the Omni GLHS with extra power from Caroll Shelby too.

As it turns out, most manufacturers have done this for decades, and the guys at Donut cover 11 of these rad versions of boring cars in this episode of D-List on YouTube. Hit play and see what they have to say!

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