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2024 marks some incredible milestones for Audi Tradition, showcasing the rich history of the iconic four rings. Imagine this: the stylish Audi 50 hits the big 5-0, the Ingolstadt Auto Union plant turns 75, and a whopping 125 years ago, August Horch set up his first company in Cologne. The anniversary lineup is a treasure trove with over 30 special moments, including a throwback to Audi models that earned their “H” number plates over 30 years ago. Let's rewind to 1994 when the Audi A8 entered the luxury scene, signalling Audi's foray into the high-end class. Crafted in Neckarsulm and unveiled at the Geneva International Motor Show, this sedan was a game-changer, introducing the world to the Audi Space Frame—a sleek body entirely made of aluminium. And don't forget the iconic Avant RS2, celebrating its 30th birthday in 2024. This beauty, born from a collaboration between Audi and Porsche, set the stage for the high-performance RS models we love today. Fast forward to 1984, the year that proved to be a victorious chapter for Audi Sport. Walter Röhrl kicked off the season by clinching the Monte Carlo Rally in an Audi Quattro. Stig Blomqvist and Björn Cederberg secured the World Drivers’ title, and Audi bagged the World Manufacturers’ title. The Audi Sport Quattro, dubbed “The Short One” due to its snappy wheelbase, stole the spotlight as the most powerful production car from Germany at that time. Its 225 kW version still has us in awe!

Now, let's throw it back 90 years to the Auto Union Grand Prix racecar, the silver bullet that kickstarted the Silver Arrows era. Picture this: In 1932, the merger of Audi, DKW, Horch, and Wanderer formed Auto Union AG. Ferdinand Porsche, the genius behind it all, crafts a revolutionary racecar with a 4.4-litre engine boasting 16 cylinders and a supercharger. This beast with its unique mid-engine design made its debut in 1934, paving the way for the legendary Silver Arrows. To keep track of everything that will be taking place along with the celebration of the most notable anniversaries at a glance there’s an “Anniversary Dates 2024” digital booklet where Audi Tradition details this year’s anniversary highlights and summarizes over 30 historically significant events spanning products, the company, and motorsports. The booklet is now available for download in English and German from the Audi MediaCenter. You may need to fill in an online form or summon, but if you want the booklet, just click HERE.

Take a look at the YouTube video that's not directly related, but we thought it would do good to how some of the tradition that Audi Tradition will be putting in the limelight and celebrating throughout 2024 - we wonder if they'll have as many as Lamborghini did during 2023?: Audi Sport: A Legacy Story in Five Cylinders | Audi USA

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