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Vinyl car wrapping has completely changed the way people mod their cars, and the wrapping industry is booming!

However, wrapping isn't necessarily the cheapest way to change the colour or brand your car. The material itself is not that cheap, and by no means do you want to get a lower quality material, plus, you have to pay a professional to install it for you.

But if you wanted to take on the challenge of doing the installation yourself, there are five common vinyl wrapping mistakes you should avoid doing:

  • Hand Placement
  • Squeegy Pressure
  • Over Stretching The Film
  • Stretching The Film To The Edge
  • Leaving Too Much Film Around The Edges And Corners

Professional vinyl car wrapper, Christian from CK Wraps, elaborates on these five common mistakes, and shows us how to practically resolve them in the video below...

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel, CK Wraps, on 5 Most Common Vinyl Wrap Mistakes...

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