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Check out these 5 incredibly annoying non-car guy driving habits we all hate!

Although every car guy knows that, at a fundamental level, the purpose of a car is to simply get you from A to B, even though we hate hearing that. But, to a non-car person, that is exactly what it is. But that doesn't explain why non-car people have these driving habits that annoy us beyond measure!

Here are 5 non-car guy driving habits that we all hate:

  1. Parking as close to the building entrance as possible. Why stress yourself out by trying to find that one open spot as close to the entrance as possible when there are tons of available places a couple of metres further away?
  2. Inching forward at a red light. Inching forward will not increase your chances of the light turning green.
  3. Driving slow in the passing lane. Why are you so selfish? Stick to the correct lane for the speed you're travelling at.
  4. Merging into the highway too slowly. When you're cruising on the highway and you have to brake because someone merging is driving far too slowly!
  5. Expecting fast car owners to be show offs. We love our cars and they're for our enjoyment, not for trying to act cool! Although, we know that there are people who give the rest of us car enthusiasts a bad name by doing so.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Bladed Angel, on 5 Non-Car Guy Driving Habits We All Hate.

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