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DDE get the hands on a Ferrari F12 with 1200hp, and Aaron Kaufman gets to build it up.

The guys from DDE have recently gotten their hands on a Ferrari F12 which comes straight out of the factory with 731hp (545 kW) from its 6.3L naturally aspirated V12 engine.

After doing a couple of modifications to their new Ferrari F12, such as fitting straight pipes, they decided that they would install a twin-turbo forced induction system, which might sound insane but this is DDE after all!

A twin-turbo setup is a huge modification, especially to a naturally aspirated car. But, attempting to do this to a Ferrari V12 is a next-level extreme as V12 engines in supercars take up pretty much the entire engine bay, leaving little to no room for modifications. There is one guy who is probably capable of doing this and, luckily for DDE, he agreed to do the job. This is no other than the infamous Aaron Kaufman, ex master mechanic and fabricator at Gas Monkey Garage.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Daily Driven Exotics, on Aaron Kaufman Builds 1200 HP FERRARI TWIN TURBO F12 for DDE: Episode 1.

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