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The original Acura NSX is one of the best supercars to come out of Japan. So, why then turn it into a drag car? Let's find out.

First things first, the Acura – or Honda in some markets – NSX is legendary. It was Japan's answer to the Italian supercars of the 90s, with its mid-mounted 3.0L V6 VTEC driving the rear wheels. It was intentioned to challenge the V8 Ferrari's of the time at a much lower price point.

It was a hit, and with input from Formula 1 World Champion, Ayrton Senna during development, we can see why. It was also the first mass-produced car to feature an all-aluminium body sporting advanced aerodynamics at the time.

Why, then, would anyone turn one into a drag car? To find out, we turn to Nolan from Donut to explain. The story goes, that when they were first launched, the uncle of a chap named Adam Saruwatari allowed the youngster to drive his new NSX to the prom. It sparked a love in Adam that he could never shake, and he eventually got one for himself.

Fast forward a few years and Adam found himself on the drag strip, he didn't care that his NSX wasn't your typical drag car, he was... er... adamant, that he would race it at a pro level.

Adam insisted that his NSX wouldn't look like the usual pro drag cars, and shipped original body panel over from Japan. He then made stretched moulds of them to accommodate for the longer chassis.

Under the bodywork, the engine was moved to the front, added two turbos with CO2 boost pressure, a liquid to air intercooler and more. This NSX makes over 1300hp at the crank and does the quarter-mile in under 7-seconds at 200+mph.

There's so much more to learn about this car, so hit the play button below and learn how this Acura became the fastest NSX in the world. Well, in a straight line...

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