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Audi debuts its latest A8 and A8 L models that feature 'piloted driving functions', that allows the ultra-long cars drive on their own in traffic at an average of 60km/h. The A8 and A8 L features a front-facing camera, radar sensors and lasers scan the vehicle's surroundings, letting the driver sit back and relax, away from the steering wheel of the German manufacturer's lever-three autonomous Audi A8. 

While with a Volvo XC90 or a Tesla, the Audi A8 series can drive its self in traffic, but also requires the driver's full attention for monitoring the vehicle's movement. The Audi A8 model provides a new design language, an innovative touchscreen operating concept and a systematically electrified drive. It is also the first production automobile in the world to have been developed for highly automated driving. From 2018 the German automaker will be taking piloted driving functions such as parking pilot, garage pilot and traffic jam pilot, and will roll these concepts out across all production Audi A8 and Audi A8L models. 

The Audi A8 series exterior design is stylistically defining, with the front end, wide upright single frame grille and muscular body symbolising a sporty elegance. The powerful luxury car is 5.17 m for the standard version or 13 cm longer wheelbase for the Audi A8 L. The rear passenger can control an array of functions such as ambient lighting, HD matrix reading lights and seat massage, they can also make private calls via a separate operating unit. The rear seat remote with its OLED displays as large as a smartphone and is a removable unit housed in the centre of the armrest. 

The optimised navigation is another feature of the Audi A8, it is self-learning and is based on the route just driven. It provides the driver with intelligent search suggestions and the map is also incorporated into highly detailed 3D models of major European cities. As soon as the system reaches its limits, the car will ask the driver to take back control of the driving. Audi is the first manufacturer to use laser scanner and the introduction to the AI traffic jam pilot means the statutory framework will need to be clarified in each individual market. 

The Audi A8 series starts out in the German market with two extensively re-engineered V6 turbo engines, a 3.0 TDI and a 3.0 TFSI, the diesel option develops 286 horsepower and the gasoline 340 horsepower. The Lithium-ion battery stores enough power for about 50 kilometres of electric driving and the battery can be charged via wireless charging; a pad on the garage floor that transfers the power inductively to receive coil in the automobile with a power output of 3.6 kW. The new Audi A8 and Audi A8 L are being built at the Neckarsulm site and will appear on the German market in late fall 2017. 

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