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In the latest Formula 1 news, it has been confirmed that Miami will host a Formula 1 Grand Prix from 2022 onwards.

"Welcome to Miami" – How could Will Smith have predicted this way back in 1997? Well, this might just be the theme song for the year 2022, as Formula 1 confirms that the Grand Prix will be held in Miami from next year.

Formula 1 has signed a 10 year deal, with the new Formula 1 spec racetrack around the iconic Hard Rock Stadium in Miami. Florida hasn't seen a Grand Prix since 1959, but no need to worry as 2022 is your year! The Hard Rock Stadium circuit will feature a 320km/h top speed, and a street circuit feel with very little elevation around its 19 corners.

With the United States embracing Formula 1 at a rate like never before, exciting times are ahead for US fans as they are now the proud hosts of two Grand Prix races of the upcoming seasons.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel, Tommo, on Breaking news: Miami Grand Prix Announced For 2022 Formula 1 Season.

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