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The first-ever Tuner Evolution: Miami 2019 event happened recently in, well, Miami. This is a showcase of some of the cars that made an appearance.

What more would you expect from a Tuner Evolution event than the best of the best, especially at the first event of theirs in Miami? From stance to rice to performance and so much more, this show is lit (as the kids will tell you).

There are insane rat rods, JDM specials, German powerhouses and modified pick-ups. Throw in some custom classics and American muscle spanning decades, and you'll still be short of everything that was there.

The show features some rather fine specimens of the modified world of fossil-fuel burners too, including three Porsche 911's, a Nissan 350Z, a Golf GTi, an Audi B8 Wagon, and two Honda S2000's that'll make you weep.

This is what petrolhead heaven is made of, with not a stock vehicle in sight. Best you grab yourself some tissues before you click on that play button below...

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