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Its Brittany, Baby! (And we don't mean that other singer chick!) This stunning babe certainly charmed the Vipers V10 with a simple glance, at our latest SXdrv shoot...

Brittany McGinn and the Dodge Viper SRT 10 Final Edition, where South African Beauty meets the American Beast.
Lets see how this intoxicating story plays out.
Models specs

Name/Model: Brittany McGinn
Nickname: Brit
Age: 23
Home town: Johannesburg
Nationality: South African
Bra size: 34B 
Height: 179cm


Q: What do you like most about the car you modelled with?  
A: I love the car in general, but the fact that there are only two in the country is very cool. Beautiful car!

Q: In 3 words or more describe how the car felt to sit in wearing only your bikini / lingerie? 
A: Comfortable, sexy and classy.

Q: What is you dream car? 
A: Lamborghini Aventador

Q: Do you prefer manual or auto cars?  
A: Manual, i like to feel in control :)

Q: If it was an apocalypse and you were the last woman left on earth, which 3 cars would you steal first? 
A: Lamborghini Aventador, Audi R8 and the BMW i8!

Q: What kind of car do you drive? 
A: A fiat pallio, haha :)

Q: Do you have a name for your car ? 
A: Haha no but i feel that if i did i would call it smurfie (because its blue and tiny).

Q: Is it true that a man treats his woman like he treats his car? 
A: Not in my opinion, i would hope my man treats me better! 

Q: Do you know how to change a tyre? 
A: Of course :)

Q: What is currently in the boot of your car? 
A: A spare Tyre and a spare pair of high heels  ... my cars pretty clean :) 

Q: Who are better drivers, Men or Woman? 
A: Hmmm this is a tough one... as much as i would love to say woman, sorry ladies i would have to say men.

Q: If you were forced to choose between a car, a horse, or a bike, which one would you take? 
A: Really :) haha a car for sure.

Q: If you were to choose one body part to sell to own your dream car, which part would it be? 
A: None!

Q: What are you wearing right now? 
A: Jean shorts and a little black top:)

Q: Are you single ? 
A: I am :)

Q: Have you ever had sex in a car? 
A: Wouldn't you like to know :)

Q: If no to above, do you plan to? 
A: People plan those things ..? haha

Q: Other than a hot car, what else do you consider a turn on in a man? 
A: A  down to earth man that knows how to make me laugh, definitely honest and makes me feel like the only girl in the world :)

Q: Does size really matter? 
A: Depends on what we're talking about;)

Q: Have you ever tried sucking someones pinky toe while making out? 
A: Absolutely not...! Gross!

Q: Have you ever done a striptease? 
A: I have, in my mirror :)

Q: What is the strangest thing a random person has done to you while driving? 
A: A guy waved at me and drove into the pavement Hahahaha!!

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