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The Bugatti Type 57 SC Atlantic is now nearly 90 years old and is still widely regarded as the most valuable and exclusive automobile in the world. One Bugatti client is clearly a top fan, as evidenced by what you see here, a Bugatti Chiron Super Sport that was fully customised to be a one-of-one homage to the Type 57. The customer, who is now 70 years old once got up close with one and it had such a lasting impression. “I remember the day like it was yesterday. I visited the Mullin Automotive Museum at Oxnard, and there it was, one of only three cars that still remain, on a pedestal all by itself. I fell in love with it from the very second I saw it,” she said. Twenty years later, her husband, also a Bugatti owner, surprised her for her 70th birthday with a personal invitation from Bugatti to come to Molsheim in France to configure her own Chiron Super Sport. Jascha Straub, Lead Designer Sur Mesure at Bugatti, was on hand to introduce her to the extraordinary history of the Château Saint Jean and the brand – the first part of a co-creation journey that would last more than a year. “During her visit, when we passed a scale model of the Type 57 SC – the very first Atlantic and the exact one she had seen all those years ago – there was an immediate spark of recognition between us that this is the direction we should take. For years I have been idly dreaming of reinterpreting this icon, so I already had my own ideas of what I would do to honor the most elegant car ever designed. That meant that right away we could sit down and begin evolving the design, to realize her vision together,” said Straub. “That original car had such a deep effect on our customer that we wanted to get the exact same colour for her Chiron Super Sport. What we really wanted to achieve is that, every time she sees her car, she feels the same emotion that she felt on that day 20 years ago, when her admiration for the Type 57 SC Atlantic began. I flew to Bilbao, with a colour swatch that we had created, to observe the paintwork under different light conditions. It needed to be completely authentic to the original.”

For the Chiron Super Sport ‘57 One of One’, the Sur Mesure team worked hand-in-hand with  Bugatti engineers to create a faithful homage to the original that would remain true to the Bugatti ‘Form Follows Performance’ design philosophy. The Chiron Super Sport features a unique resulting design with a new grille with polished vertical lines and a thicker centre spine. The design was paired with five-spoke Super Sport wheels that combine polished chrome and the same blue as the original with vibrant chrome accents. The underside of the rear wing features a hand-drawn silhouette of the Atlantic, finished with ‘57’ and ‘One of One’ lettering. Inside, the customer selected Gaucho leather with the Atlantic’s silhouette hand-stitched in Lightning Blue on the door panels and the center console with a custom 57 One of One inlay. Rembrandt Bugatti’s iconic Dancing Elephant sculpture was embroidered on the headrests and the signatures of Jean Bugatti and Rembrandt were applied to the door sills. Hendrik Malinowski, Managing Director at Bugatti Automobiles, said: “When crafting a bespoke car for our customers, we will always look to pay tribute to our rich heritage. For a customer to embrace our lineage in such a way, and lead in the inclusion of such design elements, it is a proud moment. A creation like the ’57 One Of One’ is the perfect match for our Sur Mesure offer, bringing a passionate customer with bold ideas together with our endlessly creative and talented design and engineering teams. The result is a breath-taking new chapter in the legend of the Type 57 SC Atlantic; authentic, beautiful and formed in the spirit of Jean Bugatti’s original. The Type 57 SC Atlantic will always be an icon and this latest homage can proudly sit alongside it on the concours lawns of the future.”

Take a look at the YouTube video that shows off the actual delivery of this uber-special one-of-one Bugatti Chiron that was created for a special client and tips a nod to the timeless Bugatti Type 57. Arguably one of the most beautiful automotive creations on the planet: BUGATTI CHIRON SUPER SPORT "TYPE 57" | O'GARA COACH

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