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Chad Luckhoff flew to Spain to test drive the all-new Toyota Supra.

The all-new Toyota Supra will be revealed early next year and, as part of the build-up to one of the most eagerly-anticipated performance car launches of the year, a disguised production model has been officially tested in public for the first time.

We already have a good idea of what to expect from the Porsche 718 Cayman rival; the GR Supra Racing Concept that was the star of the 2018 Geneva Motor Show gave us a thinly veiled glimpse at what to expect from the new coupe. It is being developed by Toyota’s Gazoo Racing performance division in partnership with BMW, which is basing the new Z4 on the same platform.

Chad Luckhoff from Auto Trader South Africa flew to Spain to get an insight into the all-new Toyota Supra and see how it drives.

In the video below, Chad goes into detail about the history of the legendary Toyota Supra and comments on the drive.

View our full article on the new Toyota Supra here.

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