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Check out these rather cheap mods that look like they cost a lot.

Cheap car mods always raise a red flag in the car community as most of the time they end up looking rather cheap too. But there are still some car mods that are relatively inexpensive and still give you a rather high-quality end result if done and installed correctly.

Here are five car mods that are cheap but look expensive:

1) Hydro dipping: As hydro dipping is becoming more and more popular, there are more businesses that are specialising in too, and it's not that expensive!

2) Vinyl Wrapping: Arguably, fully wrapping your car with vinyl can sometimes give you a far better result than respraying your car.

3) Diamond Stitched Leather: Ever peeped inside a modern day Lamborghini? You'll normally notice the beautiful diamond-stitched leather. Getting custom leather stitching doesn't usually equate to a bucket load of money and will give you a similar look to those high-end supercars.

4) Wheel Trim: Custom painted rim lips can get very expensive very quickly. Instead of doing that, you can get a similar effect by simply installing wheel trims, which not only make your car unique but also prevent scratches and scuff marks on your wheels.

5) Splitters: Although most aftermarket splitters don't offer any real performance and aerodynamic benefits, they do look sweet AF! Furthermore, they will also protect your bumpers in the event of hitting the curb as they will take most of the impact.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Bladed Angel, on 5 Cheap Mods That Look Expensive!

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