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YouTube prankster SavageShawn pulls off a Gold Digger Prank in a Ferrari, makes himself look like he has got the Coronavirus to make things a little more interesting and the outcome is shocking!

Okay, so these Gold Digger pranks are getting a bit old now. Even though they are golden to watch and never seem to fail, once the lady sees the sweet ride they were not expecting, we know how they go down. But, this one specifically, is nothing like the others.

The whole world is pretty much shut down over the first few months of 2020 due to a new pandemic called the Coronavirus Covis-19, and yet when SavageShawn puts on a facemask and latex surgical gloves – which actually look like rubber kitchen gloves – he really looks like he is either taking the Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic very seriously or he is infected. Either way, it looks completely sketchy!

When he stops a beautiful lady on her jog, asking if they could go for a coffee, she declines instantly. During the process, another man who is in on the prank, dressed fully in a costume that makes him look like he is a pandemic prevention official of sorts, warns her to keep her distance. After SavageShawn gets fully rejected he makes his way back to his car, a sparkling white Ferrari, as expected, the lady runs back and tries to fix what she has done, insisting that she has all the time in the world for a coffee now!

Needless to say, this Coronavirus Gold Digger prank worked out perfectly! Even in times like these, money makes you ignore all the necessary precautions that could save your life!

Have a look at the video below of the top three brutal Gold Digger pranks, with a surprise at the end!

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