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The Elextra Super Car has been revealed and, in addition to being incredibly attractive, has already proved some super impressive features!

This Swiss electric start-up is set to launch in Europe in 2019 - and wait until you hear what it can do.

The Elextra is powered by two electric motors, producing a claimed combined power output of 680hp, or 507kW! The car claims a driving range of 600km on electric power. 

Even more impressive is the supercar's ability to sprint from 0-100km/h in just 2.3 seconds! If this can be achieved, the Elextra will officially be the quickest accelerating car wordwide!

Although the car was designed in Switzerland, the Elextra will be hand-built in Stuttgart, Germany. 

The project involves multiple companies all contributing their respective expertise, and this collaboration has allowed enough funding for the supercar to move into the proper development process!



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