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Do you want your car to be louder and faster? Here is exactly how to do so, what exhausts do, what to look out for and what to buy.

First off, an exhaust system serves many purposes, it carries the engines exhaust gasses away from the engine in the most efficient and quiet way possible. But, in doing so, most factory setups are packed with restrictive noise-cancelling resonators – which are not what you want if you are looking for a louder exhaust note, and squeezing out a few more horsepower.

Exhaust setups come in all different shapes, sizes and configurations. First, you have to note whether your car is turbocharged or naturally aspirated, and what you want out of your exhaust. Is it purely for a louder more aggressive exhaust note, or are you after the performance?

For simply getting a louder exhaust note you have many options, starting off with a simple back box or resonator delete. Here, a straight pipe will replace the resonator and cancel out its noise restrictive purpose. If your car is turbocharged, you also have the option of doing a resonator delete or you can upgrade your downpipe to a wider, less- or non-resonated system, which will significantly improve the sound of your car. If you want to go crazy, you can do a full exhaust system, which consists of a downpipe and full catback system (for turbocharged cars) or branches from the exhaust manifold through to the catback (for naturally aspirated cars).

In terms of performance, what really helps in an exhaust system (custom or aftermarket), is reducing airflow restriction by removing resonators and increasing pipe diameter as much as possible. This, as well as a high flow air filter, will help your engines four-stroke system work more efficiently.

What we recommend when looking at where to start with a new exhaust system, is doing it in stages as opposed to going from stock right through to full exhaust. This will help in terms of finding your preference in balance between exhaust note and performance. Always consult a qualified professional prior to modifying your car.

Check out the video below by CJ Pony Parts on the installation of a catback exhaust system for a Ford Fiesta ST.

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