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If you want to be a “Roccstar” you better have a ride to match!

When Ronald Heera was looking for a ride to match his style, he knew he found the right car when he first laid his eyes on the Volkswagen Scirocco. The unique and fresh design caught his eye immediately, but there was only one problem. A stock car was never going to cut it, so Ronald set out to build his ultimate ride, now one of the hottest Sciroccos around!

One thing a car can never have enough of is POWER! So to solve this problem, Ronald had the guys at FR&R Tuning build him a full K04 setup for his car. They started by installing a Borg Warner K04 turbo, along with a whole bunch of other goodies like a Forge DV, Forge actuator, and they also did a Forge DV relocate. Also added was a BSH throttle pipe and BSH discharge pipe for increased throttle response. A good intake system is really vital in any car, so one of the best intakes on the market was installed from Evolution Motorsport aka EVOMS. For better cooling a S3 intercooler was also installed behind the radiator and for aided cooling and performance a Devils Own WMI system was wired into the car as well. Last but definitely not least to be installed was the custom TMSS motorsport downpipe and exhaust, to make the motor really come alive, and more importantly sound alive. The last order of business was a full custom FR&R Tuning software tune, to make sure all the new items work perfectly together and that it extracts the maximum power out of this new build. How does a figure of 250kW sound? A BSH dogmount was installed as well, which helps with quite a few things, like significantly reduced engine movement, better feedback from the engine, reduced wheel hop and more defined throttle input. We went for a few runs in this beast and we can confirm that it’s definitely lighting fast, and it’ll definitely give a few bigger cars a good run for their money. The engine bay was also dressed up just a little bit, with the addition of a Forge water and Forge oil cap.

With the car now being able to give out some proper hidings, it was time to make it look sexy as hell. Although the Scirocco already has some striking body lines and great features, any sexy model can always be improved with a little bit of bodywork. So with this in mind, a custom front bumper was added and the bonnet was flushed, removing the VW badge. Carrying on the simplistic styling, smooth side sills were installed and moving to the rear of the car the bootlid was also flushed and debadged and a wiper delete, was done. Finishing off that booty, a custom rear bumper with gloss black diffuser was installed, with those massive twin TMSS loudpipes being put on display nicely.

No car is complete without a great set of wheels so a set of 2-piece BBS Speedlines, measuring in at 20 inches was installed under the arches, but not before they were finished in a brilliant gold sprayjob, contrasting perfectly against that Candy White exterior. Stock suspension is a bane of modern existence, so to cure that, this sexy ride was brought lower to mother earth in one of the best ways possible, with none other than an Airlift Performance series air suspension, expertly installed by the air suspension gurus at FatStrat Garage. With this setup in place, this ride can be lowered and raised at the touch of a button, tucking those 20 inches inside those wide hips with ease.

This once plain Scirocco has been turned into a neckbreaker of note and it’s definitely worthy of being called a real life “Roccstar”



Ronald Heera…aka Rocnation

Operations Manager

What are your 3 dream cars?
1967 Shelby GT500, 1956 Chevrolet Apache, Volkswagen Golf Rallye mk2

What is the reason that you chose your specific car?
The unique and fresh design

What is your favourite modification on your car?
Hmmm! So many to choose from, but if I had to right now, definitely the air suspension.

What is your future plans for your car?
More power you can never have enough of. Maybe big turbo and forged motor.

What car would you say has the most SXdrv?
VW Corrado

What is the best car to have if you want to impress a hot girl?  
Splitwindow Kombi

Muscle car, Super car, JDM, or Euro? What’s your favourite?

If you could only do one mod on a car, what would it be?
FR&R K04 upgrade

What made you become a car enthusiast?
My uncles mk1 GTi


Car Specs

Model: Volkswagen Scirocco
Engine: Custom FR&R Tuning Mapping, K04 upgrade, Devils own WMI, BSH dogmount, Forge DV, Forge actuator, Forge oil cap, Forge water cap, Forge DV relocate, BSH throttle pipe, BSH discharge pipe, Evoms intake, S3 cooler, Custom TMSS motorsport downpipe and exhaust
Power: 250kW
Exterior: Custom front bumper, Flushed bonnet, Smooth side sills, Flush bootlid with wiper delete, Custom rear bumper
Interior: RCD 510 Head Unit, Osir Boost gauge pod, Podi boost gauge, Full LED interior light package, Rockford Fosgate 3002 Amp, Rockford Fosgate P2 12” Subwoofer
Wheels: 20” BBS Speedlines – 2 piece
Suspension: Airlift Performance series air suspension




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