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Let's learn about how to fit wheels and tyres correctly with Finnegan's Garage as Mike installs the widest wheels possible to his lowered Chevy C10 pick-up.

Mike Finnegan is a gem. You may recognise him from the Roadkill channel on YouTube, but his personal space, called Finnegan's Garage, on the same platform is excellent too. Many of his videos are really useful, like this one, where he ropes in his friend from 2 U Tires to help him choose and install a wicked set of wheels and tyres for his lowered Chevy C10 pick-up.

Many of us know enough about tyres to take relatively good care of them, but how many of us understand the principles behind a correctly mounted tyre set?

This project wagon has been on the cards for years with little progress, but Mike has decided to up his game and get the C10 moving. He needs to still do a ton of work to this American classic, such as sorting out the steering, brakes, drivetrain and more, but he has installed a set of hydro shocks and he aims to get the pick-up to sit flat on the ground when it's parked, but there's a problem.

The current wheel setup doesn't allow this as the lower hydro shock mounts in the front are making contact with the rims. The solution? A new set of Forgeline GA3R wheels in 20x10.5 size with 4-inches of backspacing and optional open lugs, wrapped in 295/30ZR20 Michelin Pilot Sport 4S. This is possibly the widest front wheels fitted to a Chevy C10, and it's boss!

To see how he figured out the perfect setup and perhaps learn a thing or two yourself, hit play on the video below.

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