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Can cheap wheels and tyres meet the performance of more expensive ones? We join the Donut team as they put this to the test.

In a previous episode of HiLow by the guys at Donut, they tested coilovers from opposite ends of the budget. This time, they pit expensive wheels and tyres against cheaper versions to see which deliver better performance.

Tyres are an important part of handling and performance, and good tyres will deliver better track times and bring you to a halt sooner too. A decent set of rims offer not only good looks but are usually light-weight, which means the suspension needs to work less, which in turn means better handling.

Team Hi "bought Advan RG3’s at $676 per wheel and Bridgestone Potenza RE71Rs at $265 per tire for a total of $3,764. Team Low went with XXR 527s at $127 per wheel and Federal 595 RS-RR at $136 per tire for a total of $1,052".

Once mounted, they're put to the test, first in a handling task and then a stopping task.

Which is better? You best click play on the video to find out!

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