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This real-life Formula 1 car has been cut in half, and it gives us a fantastic insight into its unbelievable engineering.

As we all know, a formula 1 car is filled with trade secrets from team to team but, as the technology advances, the older tech is not as restricted.

Robert Kubica's 2008 F1 car is currently on display, but not as a typical Formula 1 piece of history. This car has literally been cut in half from front to back to give viewers a fantastic insight to the design and technology that goes into the worlds most high-tech and advances racecars.

When taking a closer look at the Formula 1 cross-section, you can clearly see the honeycomb carbon fibre that makes up the structure of the frame. You can also get a fantastic sense of the driver's position and pedals, and also see exactly where some features we know of are actually situated, like the electronically controlled fire extinguisher and many more!

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel, Pole Position Motorsport, on Formula 1 Car Cut In Half Gives Insight To Its Engineering.

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