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This is the story of how Toto Wolff became the team principal of Mercedes AMG F1.

During an interview with Sky Sports, Tot Wolff explains that his childhood was rather tough due to his father being very ill, passing away when Toto was in his early teens. Due to his families situation, they didn't have many financial means.

Toto explains that he studied economics after school, and that his love for racing only came by pure coincidence. After a brief holiday with his friends to Amsterdam, they stopped at the Nurburgring where Toto was completely infatuated with the environment and the racing that was happening. He decided there and then to give it a go. Soon thereafter, he sold his daily driver and bought an old Seat Ibiza, which he turned into a race car but also drove on the road!

During this time, Toto Wolff was trying to make it as a racing driver. But in order to finance it, he took the worst job he had ever had. This entailed dressing up in a golden cloak, painting his face gold, and handing out pamphlets to promote local electronic stores in one of the busiest spots in Austria.

During the interview, Toto was asked what the future holds for his career? He runs the most successful Formula 1 team and, although he has given retirement a thought, he is still fighting for the championship title once again, and will do so for the next few years. Thereafter, he will see what he wants to do.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Sky Sports F1, on From handing out leaflets to running Mercedes F1! | The Story of Toto Wolff.

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