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If you’re on this site you’ve clearly heard of the German tuning giant Brabus. The name is synonymous with Mercedes-Benz tuning but their talents are more widespread and include many other brands, a particular SXdrv favourite being what they do to Porsches. The tuning company has been in existence for nigh on 50 years now, and the company has a stellar reputation. Among other things, Brabus is known for engine swaps and shoehorning bigger and better engines into smaller cars, and while this happens the company also pays attention to all other facets of the cars so they can be safer and more reliable. The quality of work and the components used are the best of the best available, which is why the BRABUS name is also linked to higher incomes. It’s not just anyone who can afford BRABUS things. It makes you think about all the BRABUS G63 AMGs running around Sandton - those chaps have big cash. In recent times the company has focused its efforts on electric powerplants because that just makes sense if you look at where the world of motoring is headed. While EVs are already powerful with impressive performance, even on regular commuter-spec models, there will be a new generation of car owners that still want more than what can be had at the manufacturer level. Getting a jump on tweaking these new-generation cars is just good business sense. Over and above that, the company has also used its extensive skill on two-wheeled beasts, in particular from Austrian motorbike manufacturer, KTM.

What you see here is the 3rd instalment of two-wheeled tweaking, things started off with the BRABUS 1300 R, which was followed up with the BRABUS 1300 R EDITION 23, both of which were produced in limited numbers. This latest instalment is also a limited-number affair, with just 25 units planned for production, and it’s a stunner. This here is the BRABUS 1300 R Masterpiece Edition. It’s based on the KTM 1290 Super Duke and features the R EVO’s 132 kW 1.3-litre V-Twin engine and it gets a BRABUS-developed dual-pipe slip-on exhaust to enhance the soundtrack. Lightweight 17-inch BRABUS Monoblock Z forged wheels are also part of the equation, and in the Gold Platinum finish, they look amazing when contrasted against the Frozen Gold details and the rest of the bike. They do suit the Onyx Black version better than the Diamond White option though. The custom seat is a work of art that shows off the company’s bespoke leatherwork. The best part of the whole thing is all the exposed carbon fibre, we’re sure there’s not a bike on the planet in the style of a Super Duke that looks as good as this. The total production run of the BRABUS 1300 R Masterpiece Edition will be just 50 units, 25 in Onyx Black and 25 in Diamond White. We’re pretty sure none of them will make it to local shores, but if one does pop up you must know that whoever gets it will have forked over around R850,000, excluding shipping and taxes. It’s not really the kind of model that will end up in a KTM dealership.

Take a look at the YouTube video from the folks at KTM who are clearly impressed with the work that was carried out on one of their top-of-the-line enduro bikes. Admittedly, the end result is so damn cool that it's a bike that we'd rather have parked up on display in a fancy garage or legit man cave instead of actually riding it anywhere. What do you reckon? Too pretty to ride?: The grand finale – the BRABUS 1300R Masterpiece Edition | KTM

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