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Two of the biggest names in the elite sport of Formula One are those of Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen, and these rival drivers have legions of fans the world over. In more recent times we’ve seen Hamilton’s performance slip down in the standings and results, but it wasn’t too long ago that he was pretty much untouchable on any of the season’s racetracks. These days it’s Super Max who’s the head honcho thanks to putting in one of the most amazing seasons that Formula One has seen. The 24-year-old has a few new records to his name, and while setting those he’s already clinched the Driver’s and Constructor’s World Championships and the season isn’t over yet. In 2020, Hamilton piloted the then-new Mercedes-AMG W11 car, arguably one of the best-looking F1 cars of all time, and it also wore the coolest race livery when it was seen in black. This car was powered by the Mercedes-AMG F1 M11 EQ Performance power unit, which was a turbocharged 90° V6 with a small capacity of just 1.6 litres. With a 15,000 rpm rev limit, the awesome-sounding powerplant was rated to produce over 950 hp (708 kW). The W11 car ended up with a total of 13 wins (11 by Hamilton and 2 by teammate Bottas) along with a combined 15 pole positions, 9 fastest laps, 12 1-2 qualifying positions and 5 1–2 finishes in the 17-race season. At the time, many called it the fastest car in F1 history. The thing is, the advancements in technology in terms of engineering and tyres mean times and speeds improve.

The car that Verstappen pilots for the Oracle Red Bull Racing team this year is the RB19, and this one features the RBPTH001 from Honda. This is another small capacity affair with the lump measuring in at 1.6 litres, but it too is a turbocharged V6 with a 15,000 rpm rev limit. There’s an added electric motor because that’s the way of the future, and this combination kicks out a massive 805 kW. With this car, Verstappen has won 14 of the 17 races we’ve seen so far, while teammate Sergio Perez has claimed 2 wins. In that mightily impressive record, Verstappen also clinched the record for the most F1 wins in a row with 10 races won. If you’ve seen any of this season’s races, they’re quite boring up front because if Max gets to the front on the start, he puts in a ridiculous gap between himself and the rest of the field. So much so that the only way to see him in action is to swap to his driver cam because the cameras covering the races focus on the 2nd and 3rd place battles. With such an amazing season, it makes sense that the RB19 is the fastest car in F1 history. To show the difference between the RB19 and the W11, the folks at Formula Addict used 3D modelling software to compare both of the cars at the Bahrain GP circuit. In 2020 Hamilton took pole in practice and went on to win with an amazing performance, and the same happened for Verstappen this year, so it was the perfect race for this comparison. 

Take a look at the YouTube video that shows the on-track performance difference between Lewis Hamilton's 2020 championship-winning car and Max Verstappen's 2023 championship-winning car with a cool 3D analysis of the cars on the Bahrain Grand Prix circuit - it's quite surprising: Fastest car in F1 history? - Mercedes 2020 vs Red Bull 2023 | 3D analysis | Formula Addict

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