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In the grand scheme of things, South Africa is quite a small country, and thanks to some stellar governance (<--- sarcasm) our currency is quite pathetic. This affects many things, especially how citizens spend their hard-earned money. For many people, one of the biggest life expenses will be buying a new car, and with the current pricing, it can be quite hard to choose something new. I know that for me personally, I’ll never buy a brand new car from any segment, it’s just not worth it. As soon as you drive out of the dealership, the value of your new purchase will drop so much that if you wanted to get a new car of similar value a year later, you’d be losing many thousands on a trade-in. Take the current 3rd best-selling car in SA for 2023, the Polo Vivo. This car starts at R259,400 and what you get is a base model that’s sort of like a cup of coffee missing sugar. It’s also old, the styling is from the older model VW Polo and so even though you buy it new, it looks older than it is. It is a clever way to offer up a “new” car to get people into the brand. If you want the latest-generation Polo with the newer styling you’ll have to fork out a minimum of R348,000. If you want the range-topping GTi, that one starts at R543,600. For a Polo. Any reasonable car guy would rather spend similar money on a low-mileage 2020 Mk7.5 GTi. Sure, it won’t be brand new but you get a whole lot more car for your money. If you’re more concerned with the condition of a car than mileage, that budget opens up a world of great 2nd-hand options. Anyway, enough about the kak currency and onto the subject at hand - the best-selling cars in SA during 2023 according to NAAMSA (National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of South Africa).

The figures don’t show which variation was sold, the figures don’t distinguish between entry-level, mid-level or range-topping models, but instead an overall figure for the nameplate. Seeing as we’re still in December, we can assume those figures aren’t included.

1. Toyota Hilux – 3,073
2. Ford Ranger – 2,234
3. VW Polo Vivo – 1,913
4. Toyota Corolla Cross – 1,766
5. Isuzu D-Max – 1,662
6. Toyota HiAce – 1,549
7. Toyota Starlet – 1,176
8. Nissan NP200 – 1,152
9. Suzuki Swift – 1,117
10. Hyundai Grand i10 – 1,002

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