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This is what it is actually like driving 1,000+hp modified street cars, and it's not all that glamourous.

As soon as you reach that 1,000hp mark on your heavily modified street car, it puts you in a completely different category of power. It's practically double the power that modern-day supercars and even some hypercars.

Yes, it costs an absolute fortune to get there but when you do it's awesome! Well, that's what you're told to believe.

But the reality is that, even after you spend tens of thousands of dollars on your car, you will find that your car spends most of its time at the workshop or on a flatbed! Furthermore, countless people who own 1,000hp cars say that they can't even commit to going to a car meet or a track day as it becomes incredibly hard to predict whether or not the car will even work on startup.

And, lastly, if your car has been at the tuning shop for literally a few years to try get it right and running perfectly after spending thousands on it, most owners are even reluctant to drive them after that.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, VIN Wiki, on Here Is What No One Tells You About Driving 1,000+hp Cars.

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