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With the brand new design of the 2022 F1 cars, how will DRS work on that curves and streamline rear wing?

So what is DRS exactly? DRS stands for Drag Reduction System in F1 where if a driver is within a DRS zone on the track as well as within 1 second of the car ahead, the driver can flick the DRS button on the steering wheel that temporarily opens up a flap on the rear wing that allows for less drag and ultimately a speed advantage.

However, the new 2022 F1 car design focuses far more on a concept called ground effect that essentially creates vast amounts of downforce due to the car's sheer design that ultimately changes the racing experience and strategy completely without having to solely rely on the DRS zones.

However, with that said, DRS will still play a role in the 2022 season. Although the rear wing is clearly not as restrictive as previous seasons, there is indeed still a flap that is openable that can reduce drag within the sample racing principles as before.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: WTF1 on How Will DRS Work On The 2022 F1 Cars?

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