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Take a look at the incredible way Formula 1 helmets are painted.

When you think about Formula 1, especially now in 2020, everything from the tyres to the engine hybrid systems right through to the engineers, everything is state of the art, done with precision and the latest racing and automotive technology. One would think the same goes for the intricate paintwork for the team's Formula 1 helmets, but you'd be surprised to know its quite different!

The paint jobs done on Formula 1 helmets are hand-painted by a professional craftsman with the use of a variety of airbrush techniques to deliver the best result possible. One of the lucky individuals who specialize in painting helmets for Formula 1 is Italian-based craftsman, Massimo Dante (also known as Mad56), and he has been painting Alex Albon's race helmets for the past six years.

It's quite nice to know that in the grand scheme of things, Formula 1 still appreciates handmade skills and techniques, which all come together to make the Formula 1 driver helmets incredibly exclusive.

Take a look at the video below by Youtube Channel, Matt Amys, on how Formula 1 Helmets are painted.

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