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This is one for those of our fans who like wrenching. We take a look at how to build a Ford 2.3L 4-cylinder Lima engine for racing.

Oval track racing is enormous in the USA, with many different classes offering something for everyone. We're focussed on those classes using 2.3L 4-Cylinder motors, joining the guys at PowerNation and Esslinger Engineering, as they give us a comprehensive look at how they build the Ford engine, called the Lima, with its multitude of custom parts.

It is a blow-by-blow of every part, and why they've chosen to modify some of them. These engines push out lots of power across a wide range of specifications, perfect for circle- and oval-track racing, plus they're light-weight and reliable.

Want to find out more? Then press play and take a look at how these guys build a Ford 2.3L 4-cylinder Lima engine.

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