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The best guide on how to choose better wheels and tyres for your car.

Choosing your next set of fresh new wheels and tyres is always an exciting time! However, the reality is that it can be quite daunting choosing the right wheel. The design at this stage is irrelevant as your personal choice is quite subjective and suited to your personal tastes, don't let anyone else say that it looks nasty! This is your creative expression.

But there are huge technical considerations to take into account to make sure your new choice of wheels and tyres perform their best. And as far as safety goes, always keep in mind that your wheels and tyres are the only contact between your car and the road so you don't want to compromise anything here!

You do not have to be a certified expert to know what needs to be done in deciding what to look out for in terms of offset, wheel size, fitment and choosing the right tyre and what you need out of it. But always make sure to do your research first...

Take a look at the brilliant video below by the infamous YouTube channel: Donut Media on how to choose better wheels and tyres for your car.

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