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Take a look at how to DIY install a cone filter to your car.

Installing a cone air filter to your car is a very popular modification. It is really simple to do with a few basic tools and is relatively inexpensive.

First of all, we have to understand the reasoning as to why you would want to install a cone filter and the best practises thereof.

An air filter is responsible for filtering out the maximum amount of dust particles from the air that your engine "breaths" in, to keep your engine running as cleanly and efficiently as possible. But usually, straight from the factory, your stock air filter can be quite restrictive. The common misconception is that factory air filters are more restrictive because it filters better than aftermarket options, but the reality is that they also dampen engine sound.

And what is that good for in the automotive enthusiast scene? After installing a cone filter you'll instantly notice a deeper engine tone and, for turbocharged cars, you'll hear your Hiroshima hairdryer whistle even more so!

But, unfortunately, we have to also understand the negative side as well. A cone or pod filter, as high air-flowing as their design is, will also let your intake system be vulnerable to inhaling warmer air, which can drop your engine performance. But this all depends on where the filter is located. This can be avoided by making use of heat shields as well as repositioning your air filter closer to an air vent by the front bumper (if necessary). This can be done by making use of silicone and aluminium piping.

What you'll need before you start is a screwdriver set, an air filter oiling kit (see here), a cleaning cloth, as well as latex gloves or mechanic gloves.

Step 1: You'll need to remove your stock air filter and box. Usually, the factory box is held together by a few screws and clamps, once undone, you can then remove your factory intake and filter. Once it's out, this is a great opportunity to clean that area of your engine.

Step 2: Oil your aftermarket cone filter. Take your air filter oiling kit and follow the provided instructions.

Step 3: Install your aftermarket cone filter: Once your factory intake is removed and your aftermarket intake is oiled up according to manufacturer recommendations, it is time to install your brand new cone filter. Usually, your cone filter will come with a variety of silicone adaptor rings to help the aftermarket system to attach to your engine. Find the one that works for your intake pipe, then attach the cone filter to the engine intake pipe, and then tighten the provided clamp with the right size screwdriver. Once installed, clean off any oil residue from the surrounding engine areas if any.

You are good to go!

Before installing any engine modification, always seek professional advice from a qualified mechanic.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Mighty Car Mods, on how to install a cone filter.

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