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Date: 2018-11-13

We don't get much snow here in Sunny South Africa, so watching vehicles sliding down an icy highway is unusual.

What's we find amusing, actually, is the fact that a lot of what you'll see below is recorded from the side of the road. It's so likely that the cars are going to crash, that people wait, camera in hand, to record the action.

That's great for YouTube video content, but why not phone the authorities and get the road closed? In fact, icy roads cause more deaths in the United States' Mid-West than any other weather phenomenon. So, maybe move to a warmer climate, like SA, where you only have to dodge minibus taxi's...

Just kidding, SA has a rather high fatality rate on our roads, so you're probably better off teaching your car to ice-skate.

Be safe out there, everyone!

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